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About Cassi

Given her deep-rooted history within the Medicine Hat and surrounding communities, Cassi understands what makes this area so unique - you. The people of this community drive this great city, and they are the exact reason why Cassi Hider is running for City Council.


"I want to give back to the city which I've been fortunate to be part of – Medicine Hat has been very good to me."


Born and raised in Medicine Hat, Cassi is a third-generation "Hatter" with a strong history in the cattle industry. Cassi's grandparents were immigrants from Denmark who worked to become successful cattle buyers in the Medicine Hat region on her mother's side. Both Cassi's parents also resided in Medicine Hat. Pat Hider was educated in interior design, and Frank Hider studied Aeronautical Mechanics through SAIT, and both called Medicine Hat home until they passed.

Cassi's Qualifications

Operations Manager - Medicine Hat Ronald McDonald House


Responsibilities include:

  • Developing and managing annual and monthly budgets.

  • Supporting local and visiting families during their time of need.

  • Effectively communicating with donors and potential donors to secure funding.

  • Managing and supporting facility staff with various roles and responsibilities.

  • Working with local, provincial, and federal governments to ensure funds are available to the local Ronald McDonald House.

How does this translate to being an influential member of City Council:

  • Cassi understands the importance of creating and managing a balanced budget for the city's overall financial health.

  • Cassi sees the value of supporting the community of Medicine Hat, especially when it comes to the vulnerable community. This insight advocates for additional funding and support to assist those in need.

  • Cassi values open and transparent dialogue with all sectors of the City of Medicine Hat. This includes residents, business owners, and future members of this community.

  • Cassi understands that a cornerstone of a good Council member is supporting those in the community and the City of Medicine Hat's employees. She believes the only way to provide support and make decisions that will be effective for the city is through open and honest communication.

  • Cassi has experience with local, provincial, and federal processes and procedures, which allow for consistent, accurate execution of grant applications, adhering to provincial and federal regulations and/or mandates, inter-governmental cooperation, and understanding how working together is beneficial for all.

When Cassi's mother Pat was diagnosed with Systemic Lupus, it completely changed her life physically. Pat was a true warrior and the monarch of the Hider family through her passion and support, especially for her grandchildren.  


Seeing the struggles Cassi's mother went through after her diagnosis is the catalyst for Cassi's connection and passion for the vulnerable communities of Medicine Hat.   Cassi views their voices as valuable contributors to our fellowship, and why she would be humbled and honoured to be a voice and ear for those in these communities if elected to City Council.


"We do need to support vulnerable people of the community," she said. "And I'd like to be a voice and an ear for the residents of Medicine Hat. I don't want to say taxpayers because we're all residents."


Cassi also has an eye on the future, and for a good reason, her amazing daughter Hannah-Beth is currently in the first year of her doctorate program in Chinese Medicine. Cassi is exceptionally proud of her family's deep connection to Medicine Hat, so if you see her out around town with her supportive partner, Todd Kopec, and their furry friends, Murphy and Cody, be sure to say "Hi."

Everyone, present and past, including her wonderful brother Jonathon Hider, a long-standing member of the City of Medicine Hat team in the Electrical Department, is cheering Cassi on in the electoral race! Cassi is genuinely honoured to have such a supportive family during such a pivotal time in her life.


Cassi's vision for this great city includes a vital component - economic development and growth. Without these cornerstones of our community, we truly will become the "forgotten corner." But, with the proper growth strategy and feedback from the members of this city, the future of Medicine Hat can shine, and Cassi understands how essential economic growth is to this great city.  


"MH is a strong community as it is, but it would be great to generate some new business and new careers."


Grassroots is a term many use in government and primarily when campaigning. However, given how far back Cassi's family history goes with the community of Medicine Hat, it is the foundation of why she is running for City Council. She understands it's time to get back to the basics and refocus our local government on what really matters - you, the residents.

As you can see, Cassi has such a deep connection to the City of Medicine Hat. Not only has she dedicated her career to helping others through the Medicine Hat Ronald McDonald House, but Cassi also has a long history of volunteering. She’s vested her time to helping such local charities as:

  • Medicine Hat Stampede (50/50 Sales, Grand Entry, and Horse Show volunteer).

  • Alberta Winter Games 2016 (Director of volunteers)

  • Bustin Loose Breast Cancer Run (General volunteer)

Cassi was also a participant in the Gran Fondo Road Race, placing first place twice and finishing third.


If elected to City Council, Cassi will give all she can to listen to the residences of Medicine Hat effectively and be a voice of the future for this fantastic city.

Cassi's Focus

Growth and evolution are inevitable, but progress is required for any cities economic growth, and the City of Medicine Hat is no different.  Thus, our local government and communities must come together to attract new families to our wonderful city and ensure the current lifestyle enjoyed by existing residents isn't compromised.  Once elected for Council, Cassi's goal is to bring the people of Medicine Hat and Council together and collaborate to find ideal progress for everyone.

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Collaborate & engage with surrounding communities/areas to support local businesses in our city. Investing more economic funds for the enhancement, progress & growth of our community.

Communication is essential in all aspects of life.  If the lines of communication break down, it leads to frustration, hurt, and a feeling of loss, primarily when one side of the conversation isn't heard.  Cassi believes that transparent, honest dialogue between the City Council and the residents of Medicine Hat is the only way to make a positive change.  She believes the residents of this great city have voices that have been stifled for too long, and it's time for them to be part of the conversation again.

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Opening a dialogue between the vulnerable population and the community of Medicine Hat to find a level of harmony.

Grassroots and fiscal responsibility are two words you don't typically see or hear together, but when it comes to Cassi Hider, they fit together like peanut butter and jam.  Cassi genuinely believes if City Council can get back to the basics and rebuild this city through fiscally responsible choices, our foundation will be even stronger.  Allowing for more economic growth, more community sponsorship, and a government trusted by its people.  It's time for a step in the right direction.  It's time to vote Cassi Hider for City Council.

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Transparent communication with the residents of Medicine Hat & its City Council through the following channels:

  • Town Hall Meetings so citizens may have the opportunity to ask questions or voice concerns 

  • Encourage residents to take the time to attend City Council Meetings.